Community Service

Community hallroom

You can socialize and have fun with your buddies while having your lunch or dinner. You can also organise social
gatherings and parties on special occasions like the Christmas, Easter Sunday etc.

Community Kitchen

Accessible for everyone to use, we provide enough space for people living in the shared rooms
not to worry about their cooking priorities.


Located on the first floor, this place is ideal for people looking to organise BBQ parties, social gatherings and all sorts of fun stuffs while also enjoying the weather outside. It is also perfect for spending some leisure time outside when you are too stressed of studies.

Table football

very popular indoor game in Germany, you can play with your buddies and have bragging right when you win.


Our reception is open 24/7 to cater any needs of our tenants and provide information to non-tenants about our accommodation. It provides all the official services like the issue of internet tickets to tenants and any official matters a student might need help with. We can also address any dorm-related issues that might impact the normal life of students living here. Any prospective students looking to find an accommodation can also come to our reception directly and talk with us. We are ready to help.