About Us

The vision of Haus Böhm is to provide accessible and student-friendly accommodation for the prospective bachelor and master students planning to study in Soest or nearby. We want students to feel safe when booking with us. We also feel the importance of social activities outside studies and hence thrive to provide facilities to accommodate these activities.

We believe that a new experience is something in this world that nothing can match it. The experience of meeting new people across borders and moments shared with them lasting forever can shape us building a new world. We believe that studying in a foreign country opens doors of opportunity to achieve greater things. Hence, we are here to help.

Friendly and quite environment

Friendly and quite environment: Located just in the outskirts of the city centre, you will find a very calm and quite environment to study and focus on your studies. But do not get fooled by that calmness! We have a lot of extra-curricular activities inside the dormitory to offer!

Free room services

Forget the burden of cleaning your rooms and washrooms weekly and focus on your other priorities! Our cleaning staffs routinely go to individual rooms and clean them on a weekly basis. Unlike other dormitories, this is free of cost.

Laundry services

In the underground of the dormitory, we have several watching machines and dryers to provide laundry and drying services, accessible to all the tenants.

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